Spa & Pool Pump Repairs & Replacements


We repair, service, & replace all brands of Spa, Pool & Hot Tub Pumps

We repair leaking and seized pumps when possible, or when cost-effective. If the pump is not worth repairing, we have a large range of both Genuine & Generic pumps available. Some of the more common pumps we see are listed below. 

We also replace and supply all brands of Spa Air Blowers.

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Aquaflo spa pumps. CMCP CMHP XP2 XP2E CMFP CMXP.

Aqua-flo / Aquaflo / Aqua flo - Aqua-flo make several pumps, from the Aquaflo Circ-master CMCP 1/15th HP circulation / heating / filtration pumps to the larger Jet pumps such as the Aqua-flo XP2 and XP2E 2.0hp, 2.5hp, 3.0hp & 3.5hp. These come in single-speed, or two-speed types 

Spa-Quip / Davey


Spa-Quip was a New Zealand spa equipment company now owned by Davey. We repair these regularly and have all parts available. As a Davey Master Dealer associate, we can get parts quicker, and better-priced than just about anywhere. They produce pumps like the Spa-Quip / Davey Maxi-Flow, QB and QB2 spa pumps 



Balboa makes pumps like the Ultima circulation pumps and Balboa Niagara, SuperWoW 2-4hp. They tend to use US 50-hz for advertising and sell a “4HP” pump that is not truly 4HP in Australia. Their typical Horsepower rating is incorrect for the Australian market.

LX Whirlpool


Lx makes pumps such as the LX Whirlpool JA35 and JA50. They also make 2.0-3.0HP WP Hydromassage Jet pumps in both single and two-speed types. They also make the old DX pumps and still make a TDA, EA, and JH pumps. 

They are a Chinese company, and their pumps have been used mostly in Chinese-built spas, but are also used in some domestically-made spas 



SpaNet have a few models of pumps, usually found with their Spanet XS or SV series controllers. Their pumps are pretty good, and their Spanet XS3-C / X-S3c circulation pumps and their SpaNet Jetmaster XS30 Jet pumps have been quite popular 



Waterway makes the Executive, Executive Pro and the Viper pumps and a few others. Their pumps have been popular over the years, but are no longer available. Replacements are certainly possible.

ITT / Laing / Xylem / Thermotech


 ITT / Xylem / Laing have made some fantastic circulation pumps over the years. We often refer to them as “10-year Pumps.” They are magnetically driven, so there is no spinning mechanical seal to wear out. The biggest killer of these pumps are running them dry, or very poor water balance.Their E-10 has been around and updated for many years, and is the best 24-hr circulation pump on the market. They use a ¾” 19mm hose fitting.Their newer E-14, uses standard 40mm spa unions, so will fit nicely where some other brands are in a spa. These pumps require clean, new filters to operate properly.



DXD Spa pumps are found in many spas imported from China. We typically replace them with a better quality pump.

Spa Air Blowers


Spa Air blowers from Dega, Onga, Waterway, Max Air, Air Supply of the Future, CG Air, Davey, SpaQuip, LX, SpaNET, Edgetec and many many more.

Both Indoor & Outdoor spa blowers available.