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About Peninsula Spa services & spa repairs - the genuine spa

The Experts More People Rely On. Don't Let a Cowboy Near Your Pool & Spa Equipment!

Background: Originally started in 2013 as an experiment with other spa & pool equipment businesses (Melbourne Spa Repairs). Due to the popularity, everyone found we were all just spread too thin, and we were unable to find the right fully-qualified people to help. (Good spa guys are just too rare!) In order to do what was best for our families & to keep our sanity, we decided to change it all up completely in 2019. The business was reformed and split into these separate businesses: Peninsula Spa Services | Pool & Spa Heater Services | Heater & Spa Parts

About our people: Licensed Electricians, Gas Fitters, Boiler Technicians & Electronic Repairers. We have been in the industry for many years. Our backgrounds range from Ex-Employees of the Major Manufacturers, Research & Development, Commercial Aquatics, Hydrotherapy, Equine Pools... and more. 

We are authorized service agents & repairers for almost all major brands including: Astralpool, Hurlcon, Raypak, Gecko, Balboa, Davey Spa-Quip, Dega, Monarch Spas, Zodiac, Jandy and many many more. 

We can handle all warranties directly with the manufacturer and we only use top-quality equipment. When you've seriously just had enough of the standard "pool guys," pool shops, and unqualified people, with no real expertise, Book Us In!

Just looking for Spare Parts for your Hot Tub, Spa, or Spa Bath? Shop Online!

Reliable Expert Service

We are the experts more pool shops & manufacturers rely on to get things working. Local to the Mornington Peninsula, we cover the Peninsula, Frankston, & some Bayside areas (when available.)

Call us direct for all spa repairs and services. We carry a huge range of spare parts on board to do our best to repair your spa in one shot!

Most Brands Serviced & Repaired

We repair & service most brands: Astralpool, Hurlcon, Zodiac, Gecko, SpaQuip, SpaNet, Waterway, Sapphire, Davey, Monarch, Spa Industries, Lanark, Cyclone, Heritage, Designer, Leisurite, Bullfrog, H2O, Just Spas, Seascape Spas, and many many more.

Spa & pool services available

Gas Pool Heater Services


We repair, service, install and replace all brands of pool and spa heaters. Astralpool, Hurlcon, Raypak, Onga, Dega, Pentair, Tropic Isle, Bosch, Everdure, Chaffoteux-Maury, Teledyne-Laars, Hayward, MiniMax, EvoHeat, Zodiac, SpaNET, and more!  No one knows more about pool and spa heaters than us.  

Spa Controllers


We repair and replace all the major brands of spa control systems. Balboa, SpaQuip, Davey, Gecko, AeWare, Spa Builders, SpaNET, Onga, Pentair, Hydroquip, Waterco, Ampac, Pulsar, Monarch, and more.  Licensed Electricians. 

Pool Control Systems


We install, service & repair most brands of Pool Control Systems such as Jandy Zodiac Aqualink, Astralpool Connect 10, Hurlcon Genus, Pentair Easy Touch and more. Licensed Electricians.

Spa & Pool Pumps


We repair leaking and seized pumps when possible, or when cost-effective. If the pump is not worth repairing, we have a large range of both Genuine & Generic pumps available. We have some of the more common pumps listed here.

Circuit Board Repairs


We repair, service, & replace all brands of Spa / Hot Tub Controllers, Touchpads, Heaters and other Electrical parts. 

Astralpool, Hurlcon, Raypak, Pentair, Balboa, Spa-Quip, Davey, SpaNET, Onga and many other brands repaired.

Spa & Hot Tub Repairs


Portable Spas, Spa Baths, Swim Spa Services, Repairs & Maintenance 

  We repair & service almost all Brands, Makes and Styles of Portable Spas, Inground Spas, Concrete and Swim Spas, as well as Pool Gas Heaters & Control systems. 

We aren't your typical “pool guys” and are genuine experts in all Spa Equipment. We have the contacts & the sources to get any part available, and the knowledge for alternatives.   

Cleaning & Maintenance


 We are now offering full Regular, Scheduled Cleaning & Chemical treatment for the Mornington Peninsula areas. 

 This is perfect if you just want to use your spa and don’t want to mess around with chemicals or fiddling around with your filters. We carry everything on board, and can schedule affordable weekly, fortnightly, or monthly servicing. 

Pool & Spa Heat Pumps


 We sell and install Heat Pumps. There is a lot of misinformation about heat pumps and their capabilities. As they're still a fairly new concept in domestic swimming pools and pumps, we'd like to educate a little bit about them. 

 There is absolutely nothing wrong with Heat Pumps, but you must be aware of their capabilities. In the right scenario, they can be an extremely efficient way of heating.  

Online Shop


We have the fastest growing pool heater & spa parts shops in Australia. We now ship worldwide. 

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We cover the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, & Bayside areas. We also have a service person we recommend in Western Australia!

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